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At Wish Tree Consultants, we recognize that each child is a unique human being and has unique and individual educational needs.  We are dedicated to improving outcomes for children living with physical, emotional, behavioral, developmental delays and learning disabilities throughout New Hampshire ages 3-21.

We exist to help navigate families to an understanding of their rights under federal and state law, empowering families so they can work in collaboration with their school district on behalf of their child.  All with the end goal of allowing all children to have meaningful opportunities to participate in equal academic, social and emotional learning.

We are not attorneys and do not give legal advice; we do offer information on educational laws, regulations and best practices.

IEP Coaching Services

There are several ways you can work with Wishtree Consultants, LLC (Tracy)

Call Center

Contact IEP Assist Call Center with your special education questions:

  • Current IEP Review
  • Special Education Rights and Procedures
  • Transition Planning
  • 504 Plans
  • Behaviors / Discipline &  Suspensions
  • Community Resources
  • Assistance in writing a parent concern letter
  • Coming up with a game plan

    Coaching Packages

    These packages include 1:1 consulting and IEP coaching time to be dispersed throughout a year at your discretion

    • 3 and 15 hour Consulting and Coaching Packages available
    • Great if you have multiple IEP meetings throughout the school year
    • Minutes are valid for 1 year from booking date

    IEP Attendance

    We can also attend IEP meetings with you for support beyond an initial consultation

    • Includes a 30 min. phone conference to prepare for the meeting and meeting attendance.

    Packages & Pricing

      *Payment options/IEP attendance will require a filled out engagment form.

        iep assist

        60 mins.

        This 1:1 engagement is to improve your knowledge about special education process, procedures and school rules. Troubleshoot 1 or 2 specific questions or situation that has arisen.

        iep access


        This 1:1 engagement includes 3 hours of telephone consulting and IEP Coaching time to be dispersed at your discretion.

        This engagement is great to ensure that you have assistance throughout the school year and if you have multiple IEP Meetings.

        Recurring Payments Available:

        iep advantage


        This 1:1 engagement provides individualized on-going consulting and IEP coaching, and the opportunity to have a consultant to support and problem solve for a longer engagement or a higher level of support is needed.

        Recurring Payments Available:

        DISCLAIMER:  Wishtree Consultants, LLC is not a law firm and does NOT provide legal interpretation or legal advice.  All Advocacy, Coaching and Consulting is based on our experience and given solely for information purposes.  We DO NOT forecast or guarantee outcomes.  You are free to act on the information or advice given at your own will, Wishtree Consultants, LLC. will not be held responsible for any adverse events as a result of your decisions.  All information given on the website and in the course of providing services is complete and correct to the best of our knowledge and capabilities at the time provided.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is an IEP Coach?

        An IEP coach is an advocate and guide for families going through the special education process with their child. An IEP coach can be an invaluable asset to a family. Usually, a coach will provide families with expert consultation and continue to be an empowering voice for the children.

        Is IEP coaching the same as using an Advocate?

        No, Advocates represent you and your child at a meeting. My goal is to help you learn the skills so that you can represent your child’s needs. Advocates help resolve disputes and IEP Coaching tries to prevent disputes by teaching families how to communicate and participate in the special education process.

        How can a special education coach help?

        Build confidence
        An IEP coach can open communication between special education schools and families. They’re an asset before, during, and after meetings with schools. A coach can also guide families through a variety of problems that arise when navigating the special education process.

        Provide support
        An IEP coach is there to support the children and family during the IEP (Individualized Education Program) process. They can give advice, ideas, and be a helpful medium between families and schools.

        Inspire growth
        As part of the support network of the family, an IEP coach is wholly focused on the development and growth of the child in their academics, behaviors, social-emotional and adaptive skills. I want to ensure that your child’s special education IEP team is working hard to support the needs of the young learner.

        When should a family use IEP Coaching Services?

        Anytime families feel they do not have the knowledge or skills to participate in their child’s IEP process.

        Why is this important?

        Investing in your child’s education is an investment in their future. Children need appropriate goals to make progress in school. Special education services have to match the child’s needs. My IEP Coaching Service helps families find the appropriate goals and services to meet their child’s needs. 

        What are Wishtree Consultants, LLC. goals for parents and families?

        I want families to be equal partners in their child’s education. By helping build long term skills:

        • Families and self-advocates will build their knowledge and skills to participate in the IEP process
        • Families will be able to use their knowledge and skills in their IEP and service planning meetings
        • Families will understand the range of service/program options in their schools, their community and in New Hampshire.

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